Is this Self-destructing App the Future of Communication as We Know it?

By January 2, 2013Blog

We all know the line and have used it jokingly, in a cool-toned female robot voice, “This message will self-destruct in five, four, three, two…” But now, that line has become a reality thanks to the iPhone app Wickr, an app that allows you to send a text message that will self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

The inspiration came from the 1960’s spy era and shows like Mission Impossible, making our little kid dreams of becoming a spy that much more realistic. With Wickr the sender can send out a text, along with its lifespan that begins the second the reader opens the text. The text can last anywhere from 1 second to 6 days.

Wickr founders say they believe shared information via phones, social media and the Internet should have had this technology to begin with, so your information is kept in your control and not the government’s. For now the technology is only available to texts concerning words, video and pictures, but Wickr hopes to extend their brand to e-mails and Facebook someday.

The paper trails the Internet leaves are long and erasable, making this app an essential for any up-and-coming politicians and celebrities, or just ex-boyfriends.

For now the app is free, but upgrades will come to the app soon that will have a fee.

While this seems like an effective solution, we assume the smart kids out there will remember they have screen shot…