Lady Gaga’s Business Tips

By December 6, 2011Blog

Lady Gaga is a name everyone knows. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was that
aware of your brand? Matt Keppel of has compiled 10 tips business owners can take from Gaga herself for greater success.

Step 1: Take advantage of what social media can do. Lady Gaga has almost 16 million Twitter followers, and while it may take a while to reach that level of social media success, Twitter and Facebook are an easy way to get you message out to the masses.

Step 2: Remember the buddy system. Work with another company that shares your similar audience to help reach even more people and gain additional exposure. Sponsor a walk, donate to a local charity, or pair up with an organization that compliments your offering. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Step 3: Constant updates. Refresh your Facebook page, newsletter and blog as frequently as possible. Lady Gaga doesn’t have the same hair color, let alone status, for long. Don’t go making a new logo every month, just keep content fresh, exciting and a little unexpected.

Step 4: Keppel urges readers to make their own “meat dress,” meaning find something that makes a statement and gets people’s attention. Think of ways you can differentiate your company in a big way. What are you doing that’s different from your competitors? Why is your company special? I’m sure you can think of something creative. No meat required.

Step 5: Take inspiration from others, but make it your own. No need to reinvent the wheel, but you can at least add your own logo and colors, right? Copy the aspects of previous entrepreneurs, business owners and visionaries you admire most, but be sure to keep it original and in line with your company’s values and goals.

Step 6: Spread the wealth. Please do revel in your success, but don’t forget those less fortunate. Lady Gaga helps organizations she believes in such as natural disaster relief as well as gay rights. Think about how your business can help support local charities, food drives and relief programs that are in line with your culture.

Step 7: Don’t stop! A break now and then is expected, and usually encouraged to avoid burnout, but it takes a lot of hard work to achieve success. Get a team that shares your passion and work towards a goal together. Don’t stop chasing your dream, sharing your vision or building your business.

Step 8: Use your flaws to get fans. Lady Gaga started her career by wearing crazy masks, sunglass and headpieces, but since then, she has stripped away some of her disguises to reveal her unconventional beauty. Don’t shy away from what makes your business unique. Seen as too small? No, you’re just focused on expanding appropriately and with the right people. Tight budget? No, you just know what you want to spend your money on.

Step 9: Know your target audience. Lady Gaga knows just how to please her Little Monsters – crazy costumes, over-the-top performances and scandalous lyrics. What gets your audience’s attention? Amazing customer service, research to back up your claims, true expertise in what you’re selling? Deliver on what customers see as most important and they’ll sing your praises when you give them what they want.

Step 10: Who are your fans? Speaking of Little Monsters, you may want to take a tip from Gaga and name your loyal followers. Think of fun and catchy names and create a group that people would want to be a part of. Build on that sense of community – it will attract outsiders and keep your besties close.