Liven Up Your Practice’s Social Media Interaction

By September 19, 2014Blog

Let’s get personal.

Is your practice’s Facebook page in the doldrums? Are you hearing crickets on Twitter because nothing’s happening? “Why is this?” you ask. From your perspective you consistently share interesting, informative and maybe even clever posts to the news feeds of your various networks. So why have you received little to no interaction from your client base? Read on for a few tricks from the experts that can kick-start your social media into a well-read storyboard about your brand.

Three words: pictures, pictures and pictures. And not just generic stock images, but real, live and relatable people! You can pretty much guarantee an increase in your social interaction by posting pictures of your staff, office happenings and happy patients. Just like positive reviews, successful “before and afters” and snapshots of smiling faces communicate that your practice is friendly and that your services are effective.

Keep your content light. Your average patient is clueless as to the latest research into dental implant technology and probably has little interest in learning about it. A good rule of thumb for sharing content is relating to the patients. Everyone, from the ten year old to the senior citizen, should be able to connect with your posts and have your messages leave them with a smile. Consider posting content like fun facts, jokes, tips of the week or simple reminders to share their smile with the world. If you’re keen about sharing more intellectual or academic content, try creating a LinkedIn account and posting to your professional peer groups.

Post regularly but not too frequently. It’s important to consistently update your social media pages to keep your brand visible and to appear “alive” when a patient decides to visit your page. Be careful not to post too much though. People can be very picky about what they see on their newsfeed. If they’re seeing too much irrelevant information from one person or brand they might un-like your page. Keep your posts short and sweet and share 2-3 days a week and you should be good to go.

If you’re having trouble finding time to update your social media pages or don’t have an in-house staff member to manage them, fear not! Contact Big Buzz today and we’ll formulate a social media strategy that works best for your practice.