Maintaining Your Patients in Times of Transition

During a practice transition or acquisition, it can be difficult to keep patients updated, informed and loyal to the practice. Much of the time, there is confusion and some sort of inconsistency that unintentionally causes patients to venture elsewhere. If you’re going through a transition at your practice, follow these four tips to maintain not only your most loyal patients, but all of your patients.

  1. Keep them informed. A practice transition is an exciting time; it means growth, development and even prosperity. Share this excitement with your patients! Send out an email campaign, a press release, or letter. When your patients are in the office, let them know of the upcoming changes and be sure to answer any and all questions they might have. In every interaction, make sure the true value of this transition is conveyed to the patients. More specifically, demonstrate how it directly benefits them.
  2. Offer an incentive. In order to keep your patients during this sometimes-uneasy time, offer some kind of special. It shows that the practice is excited about the change and is sharing that excitement with its patient base. Offer a family special for cleanings, complimentary X-rays during their next exam, or a free teeth-whitening kit.
  3. Post your news on the practice website and social media pages. This is a great way to advertise and inform those who have liked your page, for free. Post photos, updates, and exciting transition information for all who follow your practice to see. Make sure to add your practice’s telephone number and/or email address so that patients can contact you with questions.
  4. Hire a coach. Fortune Management is a great resource for transition coaching, and all things internal or operational. Your regional representative will be able to give you individualized guidance, support and action plans that are specific to your practice’s unique circumstance.

A transition or acquisition within your practice should be a very exciting time, yet it may leave feelings of unrest. The most important thing is that your patients remain happy and informed. It is also important to maintain marketing consistency throughout the transition. If your practice is going through a transition and you need assistance in communicating and marketing this change, schedule a call with a marketing expert at Big Buzz!