Making the Big Announcement

By February 17, 2009Blog

You have one chance to impress customers with your big announcement. Here’s an actual email announcement I recently received from a vendor that missed the mark:

“We are happy to inform you that over the next two weeks we will upgrade PHP to the latest 4.x version (4.4.9)… Once implemented, you will have the ability to upload your very own php.ini file into your cgi-bin folder as needed… After the upgrade, you may experience a few errors…”

It would have been better if:
1) They skipped the niceties and cut right to the chase. Are they really that happy to inform me? Why do I care if they are?
2) They knew what value would speak to me. What the heck are my php.ini file and cgi-bin folder?
3) They quit talking while they were ahead. Why muddle the big announcement with chatter about possible errors?

That said, the key to nailing the big announcement is threefold:
1) Know what value your customers will see in your offering – a pre-launch survey will uncover invaluable insight.
2) State that value clearly and quickly to get your customers excited.
3) Stop there for now – address objections in sales calls not marketing materials.

The shorter the big announcement is, the larger the punch.