Manifest More of What You Want: How to Create Your Ideal Patient Profile

When we begin working with a new client, clarifying their goals is priority number one. We want to be sure that everyone on our team, and theirs, is clear as to the direction we’re headed. In doing that, we sometimes hear goals about reducing cancellations, eliminating no-shows or avoiding certain insurances.

As the old adage goes, what you focus on grows.

This is the point where we as your marketing team help you to shift gears. We ask questions like, “What kinds of patients do you want more of?” “Who are your best patients?” “What kinds of procedures do you want to do more often?” When we focus here, the story shifts from worrying about cancellations to envisioning your ideal work day. Imagine how much better life will be when you’re spending time with patients you love performing work about which you’re passionate. That’s the goal, right?

One way to manifest more of what you want is to create your ideal patient profile.

To start, gather information about your current patient base, such as age, gender, zip code. Who makes up your current pool of patients?

Next, think more about those patients. What is their average income? Do they work in similar industries? Are they married or single? This will help to get a feel for who they are beyond the basic facts and figures.

Now, out of all your patients, who are those that you’d want to replicate over and over again? It would be hard to do off demographic data alone, so consider factors such as lifestyle, hobbies, health interests, etc. If you’re an avid outdoorsman who values staying healthy in all areas of life, you likely incorporate that philosophy into your treatment and want to attract patients who also value their overall health. If you are a mom with three children and see the impact early preventive care can have on kids’ oral health, you may be looking to attract more young families, so you can make a greater difference in your community.

Once you’re clear on who your ideal patient is, you can begin to craft your marketing in a way that draws in those types of people. For the health-focused folks, this may mean advertising in local gyms or launching an online remarketing campaign to appear on health-centered websites. For moms, this may mean a Facebook advertising campaign with images of young happy patients, your kid-friendly reception area or fun flavored tooth paste.

Storytelling has emerged as a huge trend in marketing, as people want “the feels” as much as they want the deals.  In order to do this effectively so that you are manifesting more of what you want, document your ideal patient profile and work with your marketing team to implement strategies for attracting more of those types of patients to your practice.