How to Maximize Efficiency for You and Your Team

While your dental practice’s systems, structures, and software may feel entirely buttoned-up, there are likely windows of opportunity to maximize efficiency for both you and your team.


There are hundreds of different software solutions, newsletter and content automation systems, appointment reminders, apps to generate online reviews, and more. Essentially any part of your practice’s daily routine can likely be automated and enhanced with technology. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes. Determine the most user-friendly, efficient and effective course of action for every process they go through as a patient of your practice. This will free up time and energy in your staff so that their efforts can be maximized and used to their highest and best ability.

Set Goals and Track Them

After weeding through your current systems, structures, and software, set goals that you want to accomplish collectively. Grow your online reviews by five per week. Get through the entire recall list and schedule 75% of patients. After goals are set, determine how you are going to track them and who is responsible for doing so. Celebrate milestones and wins, and go back to the drawing board when necessary.

Keep the Conversation Going

Technology, patient preferences, and best practices are constantly changing. Reopen the conversation with the entire team at least once quarterly, to see where there is further room for refinement and automated efficiencies. Should you automate your social media posts? Is your new patient intake procedure consistent, and is it helping to build rapport and patient retention? Are patients leaking out the back? If so, how can we keep them? Remove steps that no longer apply, and revamp others that can be improved. What does everyone’s ideal day look like, and how can we make that happen?

Create Processes for Emergencies

Even the most efficient system can fault you – your computer crashes, your Internet goes out for six hours, an employee has a family emergency and has to leave early. Systemize everything and write it down, step-by-step, so that anyone can jump in and help keep things moving along, even if they never have before. You can also include a point person to contact, if necessary. Brace your internal structures and your team for the worst to set you and your team up for the best.

By maximizing efficiencies within your practice, it will open up time in the schedule to boost production, expand human capital, and allow everyone to enjoy their job even more.