From “Meh” to Amazing: How the Dentist Affects the Marketing

Everything that the dentist does has a trickle-down effect on the team and the practice.


And as Fred Joyal famously said, “Marketing is everything.”

When the dentist is in chaos, the practice feels hectic, team members are disjointed and patients may be confused and disloyal.

When the dentist is apathetic, the practice becomes slow, team members have a sense of lethargy and it may become difficult to attract new patients, earn treatment acceptance or keep patients.

When the dentist is passionate and visionary, the practice comes to life and team members are animated, open and willing. People love this energy, and patients naturally flock to it and stick. This is where true growth, success, and prosperity happen.

Here are six ways to go from “meh” to amazing:

  1. Decide what you want – and why. It’s not enough to simply say, “I want more new patients.” Why do you want that? What impact will you have had on your corner of the world 100 years from now? What are your biggest dreams? Write down a decisive statement about what you want and why. For example:
    1. “I have decided to grow a multi-million dollar small group practice because the dental industry needs more dentists like me.”
    2. “I have decided to hire the best and brightest associates right out of residency because they deserve the experience of working for a practice like mine.”
    3. “I have decided to attract two implant cases every month because I am passionate about transforming smiles and the world.”
  2. Take action. Next, write down the specific actions you will take to reach your goal. Oftentimes we feel like we are in action, but we may not actually be, or we may be taking the wrong action. By outlining your action steps in written format, you will be able to regularly review your plan and adjust it as needed.
  3. Inspire your team. Regularly share your decisive statement and plan with your team. Invite them to help deploy the action plan. Delegate as much as you can so that you can stay focused on the big picture rather than getting lost in the weeds. Revisit the plan together at least twice monthly in order to stay on point.
  4. Find your tribe. Add to your plan a list of people who you can call on when the going gets rough or when you want to celebrate wins. Your team is certainly on the list. You might add mentors and coaches or consultants with whom you have worked. Consider including any spiritual advisors you may have in your life. And don’t forget your children, parents and/or significant other. Once you complete your list, contact each person in your tribe to share your decisive statement and plan. Ask if they will each support you in your journey to success. And reach out regularly to prevent isolation as a practice owner, which is very common and catastrophic to momentum.
  5. Mind what you feed your brain. Next, add a list of books, podcasts, TEDTalks and other media will best support your plan. If your plan is centered on growing a large practice and team, consider reading Total Leader, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and How to Win with People. If your plan is focused on creating wealth, you might read Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Success and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. If your plan is about attracting more implant patients, try KABOOM!: The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results or Marketing Implant Dentistry.
  6. Go to night school. Keep your entire plan with the decisive statement, specific action plan, delegation notes, tribe list and reading list in a place where you can read it every day. The best time of day is at night just before lights out.

In working with hundreds of dental practice across the nation over the last 10 years, we find that the ones enjoying the best results from marketing are those that are lead by a visionary dentist. And by following the steps above, that can easily be you!