Online Healthcare Marketing: The importance of finding your branded voice

By February 8, 2013Blog

Finding your voice as a brand is a real challenge, especially in a healthcare setting. Most healthcare brands choose to shout as loud as they can about their excellent service and expertise. This is not enough.

A message can be very well constructed and communicated but it still may be forgotten because it is not attached to a distinctive quality of your brand. Identifying that “special something” will give you the advantage of differentiating your brand, and win a top position in the minds of your patients. Every message on your website, blog or printed material needs to support, reinforce and intensify your brand’s point of difference.

Keep true to your voice – it’s vital to define your organizational mission. This will constitute the lighthouse of your brand, a constant reminder of what you stand for. The mission of your practice embodies what the organization is concerned with, explains why the business started, and clarifies the purpose of its existence.

Keep your voice authentic – it’s important not to be too commercial at this stage of your relationship with your patients, because you risk turning them off. You need to show genuine honesty in being who you claim to be (an expert, an educator, a friend etc.). You need to stop selling and start serving – build a community and sustain customer service via a well-managed website/blog with educational content, helpful tips, and engaging newsletters.

Keep your voice curious – 75% of your focus should be on what is happening off your website concerning your medical office, your brand, your industry, and your competition. Your focus should include building communities outside of your website, creating the opportunity for your patients to connect with you and your products. The outside focus will drive people to your website via mentions of you in the social mediasphere.

Keep your voice consistent – if you want to drive action/traffic to your website make sure you religiously update your website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do email marketing regularly so as to develop your readership. To increase motivation and organization, it’s recommended to set up a publishing calendar. It takes a lot of dedication to do it well and consistently, but it’s a great opportunity to add value to your brand.

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