Onward with Courage! A Response to “Google Has Gone ‘Dark’”

By November 11, 2013Blog

Onward with Courage!

A Response to “Google Has Gone ‘Dark’

Just a few days ago, a news story written by Google founder Sergey Brin hit the Associated Press wire and created a big stir.

Google Has Gone ‘Dark’” the headlined warned. “The Search Giant Just Ended Its Free Data And People Are Freaking Out.”

God love the media. Fear, fear, fear.

Here’s what you need to know, from Big Buzz’s own search strategist, Jim…

“Nothing to freak out about, but it is yet another change Google has made recently.

“Summary: because of the NSA snooping scandal, Google has put all organic search into the ‘secure search’ bucket, effectively blinding us (and all website users) to organic search terms.

“This makes it nearly impossible to say, ‘This exact phrase that we optimize for has sent users to your site organically.”

This applies only to your SEO service. Google Adwords is unaffected.

Here’s what we can do:

“We can still track positioning and look at what search engines are driving traffic,” says Jim. “So we can make educated statements that what we do is having positive impact on your web traffic.”

For example, one of our clients had 194 visits to his practice website in October with 139 from organic search, 110 of those from Google, and 94 being new visitors.

“So we can deduce,” says Jim, “that 68% of organic search came from new visitors through Google, and their positions are all in Google Maps or on page one, so we know we are having a positive impact there.”

The most important action you can take is to be sure you have a reputable firm handling your SEO and staying on top of these trends. And, of course, Big Buzz will continue to do our best to vigilantly (and fearlessly!) improve our clients’ positions on the search engines regardless of how Google changes its algorithm.