Marketing Strategies for Mectron & Piezosurgery Inc.: Industry leaders in the Creation of Piezoelectric Surgical Systems

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About Piezosurgery Inc.

For the last 11 years, Piezosurgery Inc., a division of Mectron, has been an industry leader in the creation of piezoelectric surgical systems, offering an extensive array of offerings from surgical devices and instruments, to cleaning products and more. Piezosurgery Inc. sought out Big Buzz to collaborate on how to improve the medical device company’s marketing efforts.

Big Buzz’s Approach

Big Buzz Process Chart


Big Buzz’s strategic marketing process started with research by surveying the company’s target audience to uncover how they learned of the company, what they valued most about the company’s device, why they chose to purchase a Piezosurgery Inc. product, among other insights.


From that data, Big Buzz created a custom marketing plan detailing how each marketing strategy and tactic would impact the company’s sales funnel. For example, the survey data showed that educational materials were needed at the top of the funnel as an awareness marketing tactic. Additional tactics such as event promotion, webinars and online marketing were also recommended to boost all areas of the sales funnel.

Client Sales Funnel

Create, Implement and Optimize

In implementing parts of the company’s marketing plan, Big Buzz developed a series of educational materials that were to be provided to doctors and designed to encourage patients to accept treatment which employed the use of Piezosurgery Incorporated devices. The materials educated patients about the advantages of these devices and related treatment options, which helped boost brand awareness among the general public in order to boost acceptance rates and increase word-of-mouth promotion of Piezosurgery Inc. products.

Big Buzz also worked with the company to produce a variety of videos. The first video focused on testimonial footage of current clients who had been using the device in their practices. The testimonial video spoke directly to potential customers, detailing how the device made a difference for doctors in their daily lives.

The second video was created as an in-depth training on how assemble and use the device once delivered. The video essentially took the place of an individual representative flying across the country each time a new order was placed, saving the company thousands in travel costs as well as employee time. The instructional video was also spliced into a series of instructional videos which could be sent to customers with questions on specific parts of the setup process for enhanced tech support and customer services.


The goal of Piezosurgery Inc. in working with Big Buzz was to identify which parts of the sales funnel lacked the appropriate marketing strategy and support, and which aspects could be stopped in order to reallocate resources. The focus was put on cultivating the top and middle of the funnel, which was accomplished with the development of the educational materials and marketing videos.

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