Pull Up Your Underoos®: Brands Rise Again

Underoos debuted in 1978 and are still on the market today thanks to Fruit of the Loom®. Back in the day the “Underwear that’s fun to wear” featured such heroes as Superman and Wonder-Woman. Today themes include Dora the Explorer and other popular cartoon characters. You don’t hear about these undies much in mainstream ads anymore but they are a familiar cocktail party conversation, especially among Gen Xers. The upshot is that if consumers still feel a strong affinity for the brand then it’s not far from an efficient and powerful rebirth.

Ford has rekindled its old slogan, “Have you driven a Ford lately?” in a less musical, more concise version: “Drive One”. The ad campaign, which debuted this month, features Ford’s green vehicles and, like the classic 80s ads, invites consumers to get behind the wheel to experience the ride for themselves. True: the throwback to what has worked in the past is a safe strategy. But Ford is capitalizing on an existing notion already planted in consumers’ minds, and that may propel the campaign further at a lower overall cost in today’s market.

Remember Brim? As in, “Fill it to the rim with Brim”? It was once just another coffee on the supermarket shelf, but the brand’s recall among consumers rivaled that of its competitors after a hefty campaign singed the jingle into memories nationwide. Rob Walker of The New York Times recently wrote, “If you ask people anywhere in America if they have ever heard of Brim, about 9 out of 10 will say yes.” That’s serious brand equity, particularly for a product that’s been off the market for a dozen years. As Brim hits shelves again this summer, marketers can count on consumers remembering the brand from its previous life. That recognition is sure to propel the revitalized brand’s success.

What can your company count on customers remembering most? How can you remind buyers of the positive experiences they have had with your offerings in the past?