What makes a dental practice stand out in a community? Why do some practices experience growth and peace-of-mind while others fret about organized dentistry and encroaching competitors? What’s the best marketing strategy to take your practice to the next level? Is it possible to eke out the competition and emerge among the top-producing dentists in a given market?

Big Buzz has the answers. We invite you to contact us to set up a marketing consultation and to explore our resources. The insight we share is crafted by the president of the company and is meant to inspire growth and change in your practice.

kaboom! dental marketing method used by top dentists

The Method Used By Top Dentists for Explosive Marketing Results

Most dentists feel sick when they think about marketing. Overwhelmed. Confused. Apathetic. Kaboom! offers the cure. This concise handbook shines a light on how dentists can put a method to their marketing in order to safeguard the practice for years to come. Kaboom! lays out an easy-to-follow, method for marketing:

  1. Survey the patients and team
  2. Define a Message and Design Equation
  3. Build a Balanced Marketing Formula, or 12-month marketing plan
  4. Deploy the plan for steadfast results!

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