Taglines, Horrid to Spectacular

In this age of economic truth, the tagline “More of Everything,” currently in use by Magianno’s and Lowes, is just appalling. More is no longer better, and it certainly isn’t a strong differentiator in today’s market. Besides, what lack of imagination. At the very least these merchants could have developed taglines that no one else was using.

Decades ago Kodak rolled out the tagline “A Kodak Moment,” capturing for posterity the perfect phrase for the quintessential photographic opportunity. Today, Urban Dictionary lists several common uses of the term including, “a rare, one time, moment that is captured by a picture, or should have been captured by a picture.”

A local jeweler who doubles as a mohel, a Rabbi specializing in circumcision ceremonies, gets the prize for the best tagline of all time: “Taking care of all your family jewels.”

What does your tagline say about your company? Is it memorable? How can you make it spectacular?