The Brand Evolution Quiz

By August 7, 2009Blog

1. What was Nabisco’s original name?
a. NaBisco, Inc.
b. National Biscuit Company
c. Nagle-Bishop Corporation

2. What has the SciFi Channel rebranded as?
a. SyFy
b. SciFascination
c. SciFic

3. What does the brand HBO stand for?
a. Hollywood’s Best Offerings
b. Home Box Office
c. Hyperbaric Oxygenation

Notice that all three of these brands have used abbreviations or acronyms to make the brand easier to remember. Is it time to consider updating your brand name?

1. b – The shortened brand name Nabisco was reportedly first used in 1901.
2. a. – Much to fans’ chagrin, the channel rolled out this gimmicky new name July 2009 – but it certainly attracted attention .
3. b. – The brand followed in the footsteps of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and other similar networks.