The courage to plan marketing

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Most dental practices deploy shoot-from-the-hip marketing plans. They try a little of this, a little of that. They change gears when they feel like the marketing isn’t working. They cobble together several different programs or vendors and hope that the collective effort works.

But you’re not them.

You have the courage to run your practice like a CEO of a corporation.

You have the courage to work with your team and your patients to understand exactly what keeps them loyal to the practice. Based upon that knowledge, you have the courage to make a bold promise to your potential patients, a promise that you know your team delivers with every patient interaction.

You have the courage to document in writing a long-term marketing plan, complete with specific tactics, the person in charge of each tactic, the budget allotted, expected return on investment and actual return on investment. More than that, you have the courage to train your team on your marketing plan, to delegate most of the work and to hold them accountable for producing results. Your team earns their keep.

You have the courage to outsource the marketing tactics that are best left to the experts. You know that do-it-yourself marketing is for the birds. You hire people who are smarter than you to execute everything aside from the dentistry. You 100% trust the agency or vendor that handles your marketing, because you did a great job vetting them and building the working relationship with them.

You have the courage to let go of the details and look at the big picture. Your team and your vendors report to you all marketing results once monthly so that you can study trends, not get caught in the minutia.

You have the courage to ride the wave when patient numbers are down and marketing results aren’t as expected. You have the audacity to have hard conversations with your team and your vendors. You are gutsy enough to let direct marketing patient numbers dwindle in order to inspire the team to buff up on asking for referrals. You are resolute, staying the course with your marketing firm; at the same time, you are open to the possibilities of evolving the marketing plan when trends show that it’s warranted.

You have the courage to regularly invest in marketing. You see it as the oxygen to the practice, a have-to-have not a want-to-have. You budget for it just like you budget for payroll, equipment, supplies, lab fees.

You have the courage to invest more in the tactics that prove most fruitful for the practice. If you can invest a dollar and make two, you are more than willing to do so.

You are a courageous dentist, and we love what you’re doing to make your world and the world at large a better place. Thanks for being you!

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