The Evolution of the “Green Dentist”

By October 29, 2013Blog

Everyone and everything is “going green” these days, and for good reason. We all try different things to join the sustainability effort, whether it be stringent recycling, driving a Prius, or buying a slew of different everyday “green” products.

But what commitments have your dentist or your dental practice undertaken to ensure that they are doing their part? Are you a green dentist?

With ever-evolving dental technological advancements and a deeper understanding of the importance of the sustainability movement, “green dentistry” has continued to expand. In 2010, the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA) established the The GreenDOC™ Program to incentivize dental practices to jump on the sustainability bandwagon.

While attaining the “green-certified” dental practice designation isn’t yet realistic for all dental practices, it is a necessary step in developing awareness and recognition for those practices that have truly dedicated themselves to sustainability.

Moreover, it establishes an undeniably valuable certification that dental practices can proudly boast to current and potential patients. Before long, being known as a “green dentist” will go a long way in a practice’s marketing endeavors.

Whether you are chasing the “green-certification” or just interested in small scale sustainability efforts, check out this “green dentist’s” blog for simple, effective ideas.