The Unexpected Perks of Being an Intern @ Big Buzz

By February 21, 2014Blog

When one starts an internship what can they expect? Pop culture would have us anticipating a relentless stream of frantic yet trivial tasks for a barking demoness, as exemplified in The Devil Wears Prada. When I began my journey as an intern I was expecting just this, flavorfully seasoned with hours of tedious filing and coffee runs.

Of course there would be advantages as well, standard stuff, the reasons why almost every university career services center practically forces you into completing at least one term as an intern during your collegiate career. You can beef up your resume a little bit before you’re tossed capped, gowned, and wet behind the ears into the work world. Perhaps you’ll make a few connections in your neighborhood that could lead you to an entry level job, or better yet, discover a passion that will guide you in your career.

For me personally, interning with Big Buzz has delivered the unexpected. Sure, I have a better idea of where I’m headed career wise, and am on my way to earning another bullet point on my resume, but I’m hardly drowning in meaningless busywork like I anticipated.

Here are just a few wonderful little things that surprised me about interning with Big Buzz:

I am treated like a coworker. Not an underling. Not a peon. A coworker with insight, opinions, and valued contributions to the company’s services, in my case, copywriting. My second day here, I was directly asked to give my opinion on a project entirely unrelated to my current one. At Big Buzz there is pervasive sense that there is creative power locked in group thinking. The more contributing voices the clearer the message.

I am taught as I work. Yes, I work without pay. Yes, I work another job to support myself. No, this does not render my personal experience worthless. I came into this position knowing a lot about writing and nothing about marketing, and my knowledge of the two grows closer to equal with each day on the job.

I am one of two interns. Each one of us is nurtured in the symbiosis of work and education that’s called an internship. In a small business, interns can play a huge role, accomplishing simple, yet essential tasks that correlate with their specialty.

I have never made coffee. We’re mostly tea people, and asking an intern to go brew tea would be weird anywhere but Britain.

The environment is fun. This. Most of all. We laugh together, we eat together, and we work hard together. Jokes are welcome, nights out together are common, and we collaborate on almost everything. The office is well lit and colorful, located in the trendy RiNo district of Denver. I expected a cubical and a grimy 90’s era desktop. I received a desk situated in one massive, airy, room where I can work alongside and speak with everyone else.

They want my voice heard! I was personally invited to blog about my experiences interning with Big Buzz. Almost all of the professionals here were interns at some point in their early careers, and one actually started in the same position that I am currently filling! Needless to say, the value of the internship is recognized here, both for the twenty-something and for the business.

So get on board! Learning isn’t just for the classroom anymore!