Tips for Starting Your 2017 Marketing Off Right

By December 21, 2016Blog

I’m sure you’re ready for 2017 to be your practice’s best year yet. 2016 is ending on a high note, and you want to end 2017 even higher. The best way to ensure you’re starting 2017 on the right foot is to set the stage for January 1st, setting a solid foundation for all of your 2017 goals to become reality.

Design your budget with realistic, yet successful goals in mind. Review your 2016 as specifically as possible, ensuring that there are enough resources to accomplish your goals. Consider for your staff, equipment, rent, travel expenses, etc. Big dreams = big budget.

Think back about your ideal patient. Is the ideal patient profile you once envisioned still your ideal patient? Throughout 2016, who made the highest-quality patient? What type of patient will help you reach your 2017 goals? Get as granular as you can: demographic, gender, age, insurance coverage, etc. Evolve your mindset (and your dental team’s) around attracting as many of these ideal patients as possible in 2017.

What makes you and your practice different? Why do those ideal patients return to your practice? Why do they refer to your practice? Make sure that you and your team are clear on what makes you different from (and better than) your competitors, and how you can continue to effectively portray that to those prospective patients. What makes you different is why they will love you.

Review and update your 2017 marketing strategy. Are all of your marketing materials – from signage, to phone greetings, to waiting room décor, to digital marketing, to brochures and beyond – designed and catered to attracting your ideal patient? Every single aspect of your practice can (and should) be used as an effective marketing tool to attract your ideal patient to your door, have them return, and encourage them to refer to you.

To ensure success and growth, it is imperative to track your progress and evolve your strategy accordingly. Hold your team accountable, schedule regular meetings to track progress, and inspire everyone to work toward the same end goal.

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