Top Six Branding Lessons from Election ‘08

By November 4, 2008Blog

1) DO stick with your campaign until everyone is sick of it, including you. Maybe not ad nauseam like the presidential campaign, but the rule of thumb is that when you’re feeling tired of your message that’s when your audience is just noticing it.

2) DON’T deviate from your message. Get clear up front about your promise, and it should have a shelf life of two to three years. Never change your promise in the middle of a campaign.

3) DO deploy a number of marketing touch points to reach your audience: television ads, radio ads, print ads, billboards, emails, yard signs, community forums and grassroots efforts. These can inspire word-of-mouth advertising, blogs, YouTube postings, endorsements (or referrals). The right mix of traditional and new media makes your brand stick in people’s minds.

4) DON’T try to get ahead by bashing the competition. It’s boorish and ineffective.

5) DO stay in touch with your loyal followers in a timely, meaningful way. While marketing touch points help with awareness, starting a conversation among those who already believe in your brand helps grow your reputation, business and profits.

6) DO get out and vote! Consumers are the real voice of every brand. Make yours heard.