The Future of Digital Advertising – 4 Trends to Watch for in 2018

By January 30, 2018Advertising

Omnichannel Marketing

Over the past several years companies have embraced a multi-channel marketing approach. Multi-channel marketing involves interacting with customers through multiple marketing channels, both direct and indirect, in order to sell products and services via the channel of their choice. This creates an operational atmosphere that’s more driven by how to sell to the customer in each channel versus the experience created across all channels.

An omnichannel marketing approach, on the other hand, focuses on creating an integrated and seamless customer experience across all channels, anticipating that the customer may start on one channel and move to another during their decision process.  To stay competitive, practices may want to shift towards an omnichannel marketing approach in order to enhance user experience and in turn, boost new patient numbers and production.

Out-stream Video

According to eMarketer, nearly 77% of marketing agencies say that out-stream video will be a crucial element to their client’s success going forward. Unlike in-stream video, out-stream video plays outside of video content. We typically see these in social media feeds or placed in between content. Since these videos can be placed anywhere and formatted to only play when in view of the user, they tend to have higher viewability. A study by Marketing Land found that browsers actively watch out-stream ads for 25 percent longer than other types of video ads. The study also found that 42% of respondents who viewed these video ads were aware of the brand measured in the study, and 65 percent of respondents who were exposed to out-stream formats were aware of the ad upon video completion.


Remarketing works by tagging users with cookies when they visit a particular page on your website. Those cookie IDs then link to a remarketing list and show ads to those users as they continue their search elsewhere on the Internet. Although some people tend to find these slightly intrusive and a bit creepy, remarketing is a great way to remain in front of a potential patient after they’ve left a website. Plus, data shows they tend to perform extremely well. Search Engine Journal’s recent State of Digital Marketing report shows that 91% of search experts use remarketing and claim it’s an effective tactic. According to WordStream, remarketing ads had half the fatigue rate of general display ads and led to higher conversions the more times a user saw the ads. On top of this, remarketing ads tend to significantly increase brand awareness and are historically more cost-effective than general display ads.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality opened up a new world for digital advertisers. The technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and is projected to become a 117.4 billion dollar market by 2022 according to a Markets and Markets report. Companies like IKEA are already utilizing AR to promote how products would look or fit into your room.

The possibilities are endless. Storytelling will become more immersive and interactive, practices will be able to provide realistic virtual tours, and people will be able to truly experience live events without ever leaving their homes.

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