UpCity: “Common Web Design Mistakes And How to Avoid Them,” featuring Wendy O’Donovan Phillips

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These days having a website that captures a user’s attention and converts them into a loyal customer isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. A poorly designed site can cause your business to lose customers and ultimately money, and unfortunately, bad web design is more common than you might expect.

For many small business owners, the thought of hiring a professional web design company seems out of reach or overly expensive, leading them to consider DIY options or cheap, lower-quality alternatives. For many enterprise companies, their own ideas about what constitutes a good website might get in the way of their success.

Making mistakes on your website can have lasting impacts on the long-term health of your business. We asked our community of business owners, web design professionals, and user experience (UX) experts to share the most common problems that they see on business websites today and they delivered!

Does your site commit any of these mistakes? Find out and learn how you can fix your web design mistakes today! Read the full article featuring expert advice from Big Buzz CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips here.

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