Using Systems and Structures to Reach Your End Goal

By October 10, 2016Blog

To ensure steady, month-over-month growth, detailed systems and structures need to be in place for every aspect of your practice. That includes systems and structures for how the phone is answered, how new patients are tracked, how insurance claims are filed, how each operatory should be prepared for a new patient. There need to be systems and structures for every single aspect of your practice.

Systems create effectiveness, readiness and ultimately productivity. By instilling and upholding established systems and structures, each team member is clear on his or her responsibilities, and is therefore held accountable and can clearly see their part in achieving the end goal.

In turn, your team sees you as a leader and their confidence in you continues to grow. You will empower them to feel an individualized and communal sense of accomplishment, and the overall workings of the practice will run much more smoothly and effectively.

While there are systems and structures in place, they must remain non-negotiable and each team member must feel personally responsible for helping reach the end goal. That being said, the systems and structures put in place can grow, change and improve as the practice evolves.

To determine and refine the systems and structures within your practice, first set your end goal. Where do you want your practice to be in one year? In five years? What do you want your practice to be remembered for? Use your end goal as the baseline, and then map out how you will steadily and realistically get there.

Once your systems and structures have been determined and agreed upon, document them. When you hire new team members, acquaint them with the systems and structures that are in place to ensure a seamless transition.

Deploying and maintaining the systems and structures is an ongoing process; team members should constantly train for and practice them. It is human nature to revert to old habits or what is comfortable, which is why ongoing training and holding each team member accountable is imperative to the success of your systems and structures.

Developing the systems and structures that are right for your practice is an intricate process that may take some time. Refine each system and structure until it is right for your practice culture and your team members. Make sure that it is producing the results you want and helping you achieve your end goal.