What is Branded Marketing?

By January 30, 2009Blog

For a high-end oral healthcare practice in Denver, it unfolded like this:

Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics (TCDO) needed to stand out among encroaching competitors. Several similar practices opened within a five-mile radius of their office in just four short years – and they all seemed to make the same cookie-cutter promise to patients.

What made TCDO better than the rest?

Fifteen patients and seven of staff members were surveyed to uncover just that. From those talks, the practice’s unique story emerged. Unlike any competitor, TCDO offers a genuinely different approach to oral healthcare that helps people transform their health and their lives in real ways.

How to get that message out?

A print and online advertising campaign running now features real patients with real stories of healing. Featured patients are encouraged to reach out to their friends, families and neighbors with their story of healing while ads run. A rewards program further entices patients to keep referrals coming. Public relations efforts complement the campaign.

Even more buzz has been created with neighborly postings on regional blogs and intranet websites as well as targeted email blasts to current patients and their connections. One update on a patient’s Facebook page reads, “I’ve been cured of migraines thanks to Dr. Brett Kessler. Seriously! Anyone with headaches or jaw pain has got to see this guy!”

The authentic approach is working. The campaign, launched just 30 days ago, has sparked conversations among neighbors who know the featured patients and has already inspired a handful of calls for new patient consultations.

“Figuring out our core message has proven invaluable,” says Kessler. “Because it was derived from interviews with our patients it fits right in with our vision and is helping us tremendously in growing our practice. The process is so powerful!”