What’s In Your Brand Web?

By February 5, 2008Blog

Consider this: consumers act as magnets for what they deem their most desired brands. They attract similar preferred brands as those in their Brand Web.

The Brand Web is the set of brands that our ideal consumers hold near and dear to their hearts. It encompasses three orbits:

• Core Brands
• Main Brands
• Peripheral Brands

Let me give you an example… Within 21-year-old Nate’s Brand Web, his Core Brands are his ultra-preferred products and services, like Guinness, The Ramones and O’Neill. These brands are where he finds his personality; In his own words, he “cannot live without” them.

In the next orbit his Main Brands, or semi-preferred products and services, include Coca-Cola, Johnny Cash and Chipotle. These brands are important parts of his life, but he admits he might be able to live without them.

Finally, his Peripheral Brands are those that float around the outer atmosphere of his Brand Web. These are the brands such as TicketMaster, Yahoo! Messenger and By Jeeves that Nate may eventually become loyal to based upon his Core Brands and Main brands.

Pinpoint what’s inside of your ideal consumer’s Brand Web, then align your offerings with those brands by partnership, endorsement or simply embodying some of their brand attributes in your offering’s promotions. You might inspire an Apple computer user to try the most innovative soft drink that you’re selling. Or perhaps you will entice a business partner on LinkedIn to create his first professional blog using your company’s software.

With the handiness of instant demographics and metrics these days, it’s so easy to reach your customer base about products they truly care about. Forget the age of lifestyle marketing. Now, your offering must become an integral part of your audience’s life. Today, the only way to create a brand loyalist is to demonstrate how your offering makes their life better, then be strategic and patient enough to get into the Peripheral orbit of their Brand Web.

From the Peripheral, your offering has far more likelihood of being pulled by the consumer into the Main Brand and Core Brand circles. In other words, your offering could become the thing that your consumer cannot live without. One consumer at a time, that adds up to bigger profit potential for you.

FOR DISCUSSION: What are your Core Brands, or which products and companies would you say you could “not live without”? What clever ways could similar brands partner with those companies to get your attention? How can you apply this idea to your business today?