Why You Should Streamline Vendors

Owning and operating your own business is becoming increasingly challenging. In small businesses such as dental practices, each employee must wear multiple hats. They must be dynamic, flexible and determined. Too, they must manage their time wisely. One of the greatest obstacles testing each of those traits can be managing multiple vendors.

In a small business, time is your most valuable weapon. If your time, as the doctor, treatment coordinator, front office manager, or anywhere in between, is spent connecting with, juggling, managing and communicating with multiple vendors, you are indirectly hindering the growth and success of the practice.

Chances are, as you’ve grown your practice, you’ve engaged with multiple vendors along the way. Perhaps you have an SEO agency, a direct mail house, an ad in the local newspaper, etc. Consolidating your vendors can have an invaluable impact on your business in three main ways:

Clear Billing and Reduced Costs

When dealing with a single vendor, billing is clear, easy to manage and can be tracked each month. Paying one vendor requires less time from yourself and your staff, freeing time (which is money!) to focus on other aspects of the business.

Cohesive Strategy

If you are working with multiple vendors, there are likely mixed strategies being implemented and mixed messages being deployed. Marketing is most effective when it is congruent and cohesive, so utilizing one team of experts to deploy the comprehensive marketing strategy will create infinitely better results.

Improved Customer Service

By working with one vendor, you will likely have one point person. This will allow you get to know one another, learn how you work best together, and set a solid foundation for the most fruitful and successful business partnership. Not to mention, you will always have someone you actually know to call or email, rather than struggling to find a customer service number or remember the name of your current rep. By working with a single point-person or vendor, the service and relationship will thrive.

Finding the right marketing vendor for your practice is no small feat. There are hundreds of dental marketing agencies that can offer a wide array of services, but only a select few that are full-service and can take all of your marketing needs in house.

Consider what it may look like to consolidate your vendors. If you would like support or guidance about what and how to ask, reach out to a Big Buzz expert today!