How Big Buzz® Supported Dr. Brett Kessler in Becoming President-Elect of The American Dental Association

About Dr. Brett Kessler

Many people in the Colorado area know Dr. Brett Kessler as a dentist – a role that he values dearly. He has also served as a Trustee to the American Dental Association from the 14th District and Past-President of the Colorado Dental Association. He describes himself as “a catalyst, a seeker, a writer, a leader, a mentor and an adventurer.” He is an avid endurance athlete, having participated in a multitude of events across the country, including two finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. In 2007, he began working with Big Buzz to market his private practice, which he later sold. In 2021 when he decided to run for president of the American Dental Association (ADA), he knew he could trust his campaign marketing to Big Buzz.

The Challenge

The ADA has strict rules about how and when presidential candidates can market themselves. Big Buzz founder and CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips and her team painstakingly adhered to all rules while also uncovering exactly what Dr. Kessler needed for a successful campaign: insights from the dentists served by the ADA.

The Solution

First, Wendy conducted a strategic session with Dr. Kessler, his campaign manager and his campaign coach to articulate his vision, mission and values for the future of dentistry. After reviewing all the ADA rules, the Big Buzz team surveyed a carefully selected group of dentists who personally knew Dr. Kessler to uncover burning issues on their minds. The firm overlayed Dr. Kessler’s vision, mission and values with known issues to develop the campaign messaging centered on three pillars: Support and Protection, Camaraderie over Conflict, and Indomitable Advocacy. Those messaging pillars were then woven throughout all campaign marketing materials, including:

Campaign Logo and Lapel Pins

Big Buzz distilled the three messaging pillars into one distinct logo and tagline: BK for ADA, Come Sit with the Change Makers. The firm provided two lapel pin designs, which were so popular at the House Meeting that the campaign team ran out of all 500 that were created.  

Campaign Website and Video

Big Buzz developed and launched a campaign website and video to amplify Dr. Kessler’s inspiring journey in the dental industry as well as his mission, vision and values as they overlapped with pressing issues on his peers’ minds.

Campaign Brochure and Fundraiser Letter

The Big Buzz team wrote and designed the ADA-mandated campaign brochure and fundraiser letter to share Dr. Kessler’s story, experience and achievements as they aligned with matters important to his peers. The firm also supported Dr. Kessler in distributing these assets across the website and other channels to gain awareness about his run for the presidency.

Monthly Success Reviews

Once monthly for the 22 months leading up to the election, Wendy conducted a strategic meeting with Dr. Kessler, his campaign manager and his campaign coach to resolve any issues, review the campaign Strategic Marketing Plan and set the vision for the ADA’s Desired Future State under Dr. Kessler’s pending leadership. The team also aligned in those sessions on what actions were needed month by month to ensure his win.

House and Caucus Speeches

In October 2023 Dr. Kessler, his family and his entire campaign team including Wendy traveled to the ADA House Meeting in Orlando, Florida, where he delivered his House Speech to the 600 voting dentists and his Caucus Speech to 16 districts over the course of a single day. Both speeches were predicated on talking points derived from the three messaging pillars developed by Big Buzz.

The Results

After a 22-month campaign, Dr. Brett Kessler was named President-Elect of The American Dental Association. Enjoy Dr. Kessler’s moving acceptance speech. Two weeks after Dr. Kessler’s win, a dentist who seeks to be president of the ADA in 2025 reached out to Big Buzz to begin a campaign with the firm. It is our great honor to be of service to the dental industry in this capacity. 

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