by Evan Franklin


Big Buzz and The Arbor Company Logos
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About The Arbor Company

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, The Arbor Company is one of the nation’s leading senior living operators, with over 40 assisted living, independent living and memory care communities throughout 11 states. Its mission as a community of caregivers is to engage and enrich the health and spirit of residents. The company places an elevated focus on individuality and celebrates each person’s unique life through deep connections with its residents, families, and staff. The Arbor Company received the Pinnacle Quality Insight 2019 Customer Experience Award™ and adheres to the twelve Argentum Quality Standards.

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Why The Arbor Company Partnered with Big Buzz

The Arbor Company came to Big Buzz seeking clarity and validation on its digital marketing strategy, and to determine whether any inefficiencies or adjustments needed to be made to yield the best results. From that assessment, The Arbor Company sought to glean insight into the behaviors of one of its target audiences (those interested in independent living communities) in order to meet the changing needs of today’s older adults to increase occupancies. The Arbor Company enlisted the help of Big Buzz’s expert team of marketers to accomplish both goals.

Big Buzz conducted a Total Communications Review to evaluate the strength of The Arbor Company’s various marketing efforts, including search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, social media advertising, design/user experience, copy/content and more. To conduct this review, Big Buzz utilized its proprietary processes as well as an arsenal of tools including Panguin, AgencyAnalytics, SEMrush, Majestic SEO and Google Analytics, among others. Big Buzz then compiled its findings into an extensive, easy-to-read report including both strong points and recommendations for The Arbor Company.

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“We love working with Big Buzz. They did a fantastic digital marketing audit for us and we have engaged them for some other projects after since we were so impressed with their work. I highly recommend Big Buzz. They are super responsive, have great communication and their team members are so smart it was almost overwhelming!”

– Mary Cate Spires, Marketing Consultant, The Arbor Company


To accomplish the goal of uncovering insights into one of the company’s target audiences, Big Buzz ran extensive programmatic surveys within the states that independent living was offered. The surveys targeted individuals that sought information about independent living communities for themselves or a loved one, and used demographic qualifiers such as age and income to ensure that the respondents were as close as possible to the residents the communities wished to reach.

The goal of the programmatic surveys was to provide The Arbor Company with data to transform and update its marketing strategy, and to create educational and promotional materials to speak directly to the target audience based on the data uncovered in the surveys.

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The Results

The Arbor Company used the audit as a means to check the pulse of its marketing efforts to ensure they were firing on all cylinders while using the agency’s recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the overall digital marketing strategy. The survey provided valuable data and insight regarding the organization’s prospective residents, which it was able to use to inform decisions and even apply to other offerings with guidance from Big Buzz.

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Download The Arbor Case Study

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by Evan Franklin



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