by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


The healthcare and senior care industries are experiencing unprecedented challenges in the 2020s with recruiting and retaining good talent. In our recent eBook,  , we explore ways to build stronger recruitment marketing systems to attract the right people who will stay with and thrive at your organization. Here is an excerpt:

In her book, Why Can’t I Hire Good People?: Lessons on How to Hire Better, recruitment expert Beth Smith makes the following distinction between the job ad and the job description. Notice how the job ad packs the power to attract the right candidates while the job description clarifies duties and responsibilities. In our study, none of the respondents mentioned the job ad. It’s a small but mighty tool for hiring better and retaining top talent.

Job Description

  • Sets the parameters around the job.
  • Acts as an anchor for employees regarding their deliverables.
  • Guides future performance reviews.
  • Maps out responsibilities.
  • Frames training.

Job Ad

  • Clearly illustrates your mission statement in the first line.
  • Makes a few bullet points to tell candidates your hiring goals.
  • Offers clear instructions on how to apply.

Smith adds: “Do not use your job description as your job ad. Usually, job descriptions are long and tedious to read, so candidates will not spend the time to read them fully and completely. They will scan an ad, and you have three seconds to capture their interest.”

by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



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