by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


All too often, word-of-mouth marketing is left to chance in the healthcare and senior care industries. Regain control of efforts and outcomes by systemizing word-of-mouth marketing in these three ways as identified by your peers in our study reflected in our recent eBook, Recruitment Marketing Paradoxes and Benchmarks in Healthcare and Senior Care:

1. Referral Bonuses

Offer incentives to current employees for referring qualified candidates. Employees may be more motivated to spread the word about job openings if they know they can receive a bonus if their referral is hired.

2. Current Employees as Ambassadors

Organizations surveyed encouraged current employees to naturally share job opportunities within their personal networks and social channels. This method relies on the premise that employees satisfied with their workplace will speak positively about it to friends and family, thereby attracting potential candidates.

3. Encourage Employees to Share Job Openings

Actively inform staff about open positions and encourage them to pass this information along to any qualified candidates they know. This could be through everyday conversation, social meetups or networking events.

These methods capitalize on the trust and personal connections inherent in personal recommendations, particularly in the healthcare and senior care industries.

by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



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