How Big Buzz® Increased a Dental Practice’s New Patients from 30 to 90 Monthly, Supporting in Growing the Practice from One to Three Doctors

About Hall Family Dentistry

With over 495 5-star reviews, Hall Family Dentistry is a staple for families located in southeast Indianapolis. After serving in the Dental Corps of the U.S. Army, Dr. Seth Hall returned home to Indiana to open his own practice, where he continues to change lives through relationship-based dentistry. Since 2015, Big Buzz has been proud to work alongside Dr. Hall, his amazing team and his beloved dog Blue.

The Challenge

At the start of his work with Big Buzz back in 2015, Dr. Hall sought to attract 30 new patients monthly to the practice. Over the years, his goals evolved to increase new patient numbers from 90 monthly in 2023 to 106 monthly in 2024, with 40 from online and 60 from internal referral.

The Solution

As the result of independent research conducted by Big Buzz wherein 10 best patients were surveyed to understand how they found the practice and what keeps them loyal to Dr. Hall, the agency and Dr. Hall aligned on this 5-strategy approach to driving new patient traffic:

Website Updates and Indexing

Big Buzz designed a responsive website with revitalized copy, intuitive navigation and a vastly improved user interface. The website was then indexed on all major search engines to drive visibility. Today, it is regularly kept up to date with new plugins, working links and fresh content to keep it at the top of search engines. View the full website:

Google Ads

Each year, the team at Big Buzz creates a series of paid Google ads to supplement its SEO measures and ensure potential patients are attracted to the practice. The ad campaigns have resulted in a 94% increase in conversions. In the past 12-month period alone, Google ads attracted 227 new patients to the practice.

Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, ongoing website optimization including placement of new blog content gives way to growth in all Key Performance Indicators, most recently with sessions up 15%, visitors up 13%, views up 30% and event count up 28%. As visitors on the website spend more time exploring fresh content, they become more ready to select Hall Family Dentistry as their dental home. Hence, conversions in the way of future patients filling out the web form or calling the practice have risen 58%.

Social Media Advertising & Support

In the past year alone, Facebook ads run on behalf of the practice resulted in 7,846 landing page views, where future patients were asked to fill out a form or call the practice. Additionally, Big Buzz supports the practice in regularly posting on Facebook in front of 1,800 followers to keep current patients and families engaged with the practice.

Quarterly Success Reviews

Once quarterly, Big Buzz founder and CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips conducts a strategic meeting with Dr. Hall, his associate and his front office manager to resolve any issues, review the practice’s Strategic Marketing Plan and set the vision for Dr. Hall’s Desired Future State, ensuring that we are on track to meet the practice goal of increasing new patient numbers from 90 monthly to 106 monthly, with 40 from online and 60 from internal referral.

The Results

Since 2015, Hall Family Dentistry’s new patient numbers have risen from an average of 30 per month to an average of 90 per month with an all-time high of 116 in a month.  This 33% rate of growth has allowed Dr. Hall to hire two associates, buy another practice and build out his practice to include 12 operatories. His long-time goal of having three doctors on the team has been achieved. In his words, “The team is firing on all cylinders with strong processes in place, and we are having more streamlined days at the practice.”

Fire on all cylinders with your marketing.

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