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About MGMA

MGMA Consulting is a division of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) that had previously sought Big Buzz’s help in retooling its marketing department to increase productivity. At the same time, MGMA Consulting called upon Big Buzz to help increase brand awareness, engage with current and potential clients, increase the value of offerings beyond sales of services and communicate core principles. The overall goal was to increase average client value and consulting engagements – bolstering revenue from $1.2 to $2 million.

Big Buzz’s Approach

Big Buzz Process Chart


Big Buzz conducted extensive research in order to execute the most effective possible strategy to help MGMA Consult-ing reach its goals. The first step was to research its target audience and distill those characteristics into a target persona, or an individual towards whom marketing materials would be directed. Not only were the qualities of this target persona detailed, so too were their obstacles, challenges, fears and concerns.


Big Buzz used the target persona constructed during the research stage to devise an editorial calendar of content. This editorial calendar consisted of content topics and a timeline during which they would be completed. These topics aligned directly with the aforementioned obstacles, challenges, fears and concerns of their target persona. In addressing these issues through content and storytelling, Big Buzz was able to frame MGMA Consulting as a credible, reputable resource for solving these problems. This content marketing strategy allowed MGMA Consulting to indirectly advertise their services and capabilities while educating and engaging its target audience.

Create, Implement and Optimize

Big Buzz researched, wrote and delivered the content pieces on the timeline outlined in the editorial calendar. A wide range of research strategies were used to obtain the latest facts, figures and data to support the content topics, including MGMA DataDive, one of the most detailed and comprehensive datasets in healthcare. Big Buzz also conducted interviews with MGMA’s consultants which helped provide the most relevant information possible. This information helped Big Buzz’s writers capture the essence of the services MGMA Consulting provides and express their value and benefits without directly advertising to readers. Big Buzz also provided several pieces promoting the DataDive dataset, both to drive sales and to further MGMA’s reputation as a leader in healthcare.

Once the pieces of content were complete, they were distributed using a sophisticated system of automated email campaigns, which included gated content pieces and remarketing tactics. This responsive distribution system helped reach a wide swath of prospects while generating leads.


The marketing efforts Big Buzz provided to MGMA Consulting resulted in double-digit new leads from the DataDive content campaign, 67 leads from the new consulting homepage form and 154 form submissions from overall content marketing tactics over a 6-month period, with each lead valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. These new leads helped MGMA Consulting hit the ground running towards the achievement of its goals.

MGMA Email Mockup
MGMA Booklet Mockup

Big Buzz offers healthcare organizations result-driven marketing that moves quickly and easily to market, all with top-notch customer service. We are relentless about our commitment to agility so that we can help each client organization attract their ideal patients or clients and become more readily productive, profitable and successful. For a complimentary initial marketing strategy session with our experts, visit

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