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Senior Living Marketing to Overcome Any Obstacle

In 2019, Business Insider reported, “As the Baby Boomer population ages, society is on the cusp of dealing with an unprecedented number of senior citizens who will need elder care.” The U.S. market in this sector is expected to grow from $100 billion in 2016 to $225 billion by 2024.

As more competitors enter the marketplace, it’s imperative that senior living organizations focus their marketing efforts. Now, senior living organizations must be more diligent than ever, with teams tackling three main common problems:

  1. How to align all marketing objectives and strategies for clear focus from the marketing team all the way up to the executive team and back
  2. How to bolster awareness and solidify competitive edge
  3. How to stabilize occupancies and/or market share despite attrition and fierce competition
The aging services industry is evolving. Reaching a target audience that’s both young and old, while abiding by strict regulations, can be difficult if you don’t have the right support. That’s where Big Buzz comes in.
The senior living industry trusts Big Buzz as an expert in strategic marketing. After more than ten years serving various senior living communities, Big Buzz has developed a proprietary strategy for collecting market data from residents, resident families and owners of senior living communities.

Simply put, this approach makes Big Buzz the expert in optimally marketing the senior living industry, including life plan communities, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, home health and hospice companies. The professional and passionate Big Buzz team knows what it takes to produce top-notch, lasting marketing strategies specifically for the senior living industry. From the initial consultation to project completion, Big Buzz expertly helps companies reach their goals and maintain high occupancies. With a clear focus on efficiencies and results, Big Buzz is the authority on marketing for the senior living industry.

For example, Evolve at Rye came to Big Buzz to increase exposure for its memory care facility. Big Buzz implemented a robust online marketing strategy that included search engine optimization, call tracking and Google AdWords online advertising. Campaigns were set to trigger when phrases correlating with memory care, Alzheimer’s, or dementia were entered into a search engine within a 50-mile radius of the New Hampshire facility. Users that displayed interest but failed to take action were remarketed to with display advertisements, and custom audience remarketing campaigns were also implemented for all visitors to the website. As a result, conversions increased by 150% in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the period prior. Organic traffic increased by 273%, with total new users increasing by 200%. 

Case Study: This Senior Care Leader More Doubled Organic Web Conversions in a Single Quarter
EvoLve at Rye Facebook Page on a Laptop
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • 55+ Communities
  • Commercial Real Estate for Senior Living
  • Retirement Communities & Builders
  • Memory Support
  • Life Plan Communities
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Aging Adults and Senior Apartments
  • Transitional Care

How can Big Buzz help?

The Strategic Planning Model assists in focusing the entire team, at various locations, through the marketing team and up to the executive level. This model supports the organization in:

  • Focusing or refocusing everyone in the organization on its vision and highest-level financial goal
  • Inspiring all participants to agree on key objectives or destinations that must be reached in order to become the organization outlined in the vision and highest-level financial goal
  • Mapping strategies, or everyday activities that move the organization’s people toward its objectives or destinations, thereby fulfilling its vision and reaching the division’s highest-level financial goal
Senior Star Team Strategy Meeting

Big Buzz designs senior living marketing strategy, delivery and tactical implementation. We understand your organization is as unique as a fingerprint, and our proprietary processes will dust even the finest of lines to determine your organization’s true differentiators. Big Buzz works with senior living organizations nationwide in order to connect and engage with their ideal prospects. From the initial consultation to project completion, Big Buzz expertly partners with our clients to reach their goal, whether it be increasing census, tracking results and ROI, increasing brand awareness, or building a community in a new market.

With more than 14 years of healthcare marketing experience, Big Buzz is an expert, providing proprietary strategies for collecting market data from residents, resident family members and stakeholders to uncover organizational differentiators, consumer behavior and marketing consumption trends. Big Buzz works alongside communities in areas such as  independent living, assisted living, memory support, life plan, active adult and skilled nursing to produce focused, lasting marketing strategies specifically tailored to each community and demographic.

No one tells a community’s story better than its happiest residents and most satisfied family members. With that philosophy in mind, Big Buzz’s expert process always starts with research, including surveys of residents, family members and stakeholders. From there, the agency is adept at delivering over 50 marketing tactics – including website development, SEO, paid advertising and more. Big Buzz identifies and delivers only the finite tactics that are appropriate for your organization right now.

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