How Big Buzz® Built A Dental Practice’s Implant and Cosmetic Cases to Grow Production

About Summit Smiles Dental

With more than 300 5-star reviews, Summit Smiles Dentistry is known around the Aurora, Colorado, community for providing general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry for the whole family with an extra level of dental expertise. Dr. Wolfe attended Boston University School of Dental Medicine under a full scholarship from the U.S. Navy and is a member of the Dental Corps in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He uses advanced technology such as cone beam and CEREC for optimum patient care. Dr. Wolfe and his wife, Lindsay, have three active children. Since 2016, Big Buzz has been proud to work alongside Dr. Wolfe and his dental team.

The Challenge

At the start of his work with Big Buzz back in 2016, Dr. Wolfe simply sought to attract new patients to the practice. Over the years, his goals evolved to include maintaining 30 new patients monthly as well as attracting 10 to 12 implant cases monthly and 2 cosmetic casesmonthly.

The Solution

Big Buzz surveyed about a dozen top patients (those who pay on time, show up on time, refer, accept treatment, etc.) to understand how they think, feel and talk about implant and cosmetic dentistry. The data revealed that Dr. Wolfe is known for three differentiators: Dedicated to the Human Aspect of Care, Uniquely Welcoming, and Genuine and An Extra Level of Dental Expertise – all of which set the ideal foundation for building the implant and cosmetic side of his practice. The data also showed exactly what marketing media patients use to make choices about more advance dentistry needs, and from that data the agency and Dr. Wolfe aligned on this 6-strategy approach to building his practice production with more advanced cases:

Logo and Identity Redevelopment

The survey data indicated the original practice logo was dated and had low brand equity, and Dr. Wolfe was ready to transition to an implant and cosmetic practice with a more modern look. The team at Big Buzz applied survey findings and the resulting differentiators to update the logo to a mark and font that would also allow Dr. Wolfe to add associates or partners to the practice in the future.



Website Updates

Big Buzz updated the website, originally built by the firm in 2022, with content specific to the new services: implant dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

Content Marketing with Social Media Support

Big Buzz wrote monthly educational blogs pertaining to challenges, obstacles and fears patients indicated they have before accepting implant or cosmetic dentistry treatment. The firm posted completed blogs regularly on the website, shared them via the practice’s social media and sent them as emails to the patient database. As a direct result, Dr. Wolfe began getting more inquiries about implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Social Media Advertising & Support

In the past year alone, Facebook ads run on behalf of the practice resulted in 7,846 landing page views, where future patients were asked to fill out a form or call the practice. Additionally, Big Buzz supports the practice in regularly posting on Facebook in front of 1,800 followers to keep current patients and families engaged with the practice.

Patient Nurture Sequence

In addition to the educational blog emails, Big Buzz developed a nurture campaign to directly ask patients to consider implant or cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Wolfe. The personalized emails were sent monthly to nearly 4,500 current patients. This further increased awareness of and interest in Dr. Wolfe’s implant and cosmetic dentistry services.

In-Office Presentation

To ensure every patient at the practice knows Dr. Wolfe is an implant and cosmetic dentist, Big Buzz designed an in-office presentation to play on monitors throughout the practice.

Quarterly Success Reviews

Once quarterly, Big Buzz founder and CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips conducts a strategic meeting with Dr. Wolfe to resolve any issues, review the practice’s Strategic Marketing Plan and set the vision for the practice’s Desired Future State, ensuring that we are on track to meet the practice goal of maintaining 30 new patients monthly, attracting 10 to 12 implant cases monthly and attracting 2 cosmetic cases monthly.

The Results

In his first six months of marketing his implant and cosmetic services, Dr. Wolfe completed an average of 5 implant cases monthly and an average of 3 cosmetic cases monthly while seeing an average of 39 new patients monthly. He onboarded a second hygienist and plans to add an associate. Thanks to his practice growth, he has submitted plans to the city to expand to a new building.

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