by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


Increase senior living marketing efficiency

In another meeting. A meeting about the meeting. A meeting to clear up the meeting about the meeting.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

A study by The Harris Poll and Grammarly… found that poor communication costs organizations approximately $12,500 per employee yearly. If you employ 500 people, that’s a $6.25 million annual loss,” writes Dorian Stone in The Biggest Hidden Cost Impacting Marketing Teams in 2023.

She continues, “The [study] found that teams spend nearly half of the workweek (19.93 hours) on digital, written communication alone. Moreover, they spend roughly an entire workday each week resolving unclear communication. That’s a preventable opportunity cost that marketers can cut in 2023, increasing the value of existing teams and processes.”

How to cut waste?

Big Buzz® supports senior living providers like you in aligning executive, marketing and sales teams to achieve high efficiency and steady results. Here are four ways we do so:

  1. Sing from the same song sheet. We back your brand with data to eliminate “design by committee” and get everyone on the same page. Then we support you in consistently amplifying your brand internally to take the guesswork out of developing and updating marketing collateral, ads, the website ­– everything. Everyone from the CMO to the Director of Marketing to your agency partners to Executive Directors will see and know exactly how to apply the brand to every marketing initiative. This transcends the templated approach, giving way to everyone on your team creating marketing that differentiates, engages and compels folks to get in touch with you.
  1. Train the sales team. Once all your operations and marketing people are walking the same brand walk, we get your salesforce on board. We see to it that every one of your salespeople can speak to the unique data-backed position your organization holds in the marketplace, including the three things that definitively differentiate your offering from anything else out there – especially to the prospect staying home. Then we align all your sales experts on the 8 concepts of relationship-based selling to ensure true connection in every interaction. That compels future residents to move in.
  1. Work from a one-page strategic marketing plan. We see to it that your executive team, marketing team and sales team all agree upon, are executing from and are realizing desired results from a single strategic marketing plan. Laser focus produces strong, steady outcomes.
  1. Hold efficient meetings. We train everyone on your team to have the right internal conversations at the right times with the right people in the room, week after week, month after month and quarter after quarter to ensure long-term traction in reaching key performance indicators like census and location acquisition goals. These pulse meetings are highly structured to ensure issues are fully addressed, everyone has a voice in the matter of resolving those issues and there is alignment on what, when, where, how and who will institute the solution.

Dorian concludes, “Ultimately, the Harris Poll estimated the cost of poor communication for US companies at $1.2 trillion each year.”

What’s it costing you?

Learn exactly how to get down to the root cause of marketing inefficiencies now.

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Big Buzz is a marketing agency delivering a steady stream of move-in-ready leads to teams serving the senior living industry. For more than 15 years, Big Buzz has helped senior living marketing and sales teams nurture leads to increase occupancy, grow and scale. CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips is the author of the book Flourish!: The Method Used by Aging Services Organizations for the Ultimate Marketing Results, has been published in McKnight’s, has been a regular contributor to Forbes, and has been quoted in The Washington Post, ABC News and Chicago Tribune. The Big Buzz leadership team regularly lectures in front of audiences ranging from 25 to 3,000 attendees, including at Argentum and various LeadingAge chapters. Agency awards and accolades include recognition for excellence by the American Marketing Association, Gold Key Award Winner by the Business Marketing Association, HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification, and Top Advertising and Marketing Agency by Clutch.

by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



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