• According to author Dorian Stone, “Ultimately, the Harris Poll estimated the cost of poor communication for US companies at $1.2 trillion each year.” What’s it costing you?

  • Every passing moment is an opportunity to eliminate space between you and your biggest, most important goal. Below are 10 ways to kickstart your year by taking action now.

  • As we enter 2023, we have decided to highlight the top five most-read Big Buzz blogs of last year. This content largely centered around improving results for senior living operators by aligning internal teams and creating more meaningful relationships with prospects through branding and outreach.

  • For calls to action to work optimally, the designs of the user experience and user interface (UX/UI), or look, feel and functionality of the entire site, must be in optimal working order at all times. Websites older than five years typically require an entirely new platform for web design and interface to properly work.

  • Only 20% of industry leaders used the call to action “Download now – it’s free” for downloadable assets. Very few offered downloadable assets at all. Offering downloadable assets on your website invites visitors to glean valuable learnings from you and come to trust you over time.

  • In my 15 years at the helm of Big Buzz, the most common breakdown in new business acquisition I have witnessed among multi-location senior living operators is a disconnect in feedback between the marketing and sales teams. Without a strong process for feedback, organizations like yours can make critical mistakes.

  • A/B testing allows your team to definitively determine which elements of a given call to action yield the achievement of which goals. For example, the call-to-action headline “Come live your best life!” may yield a 4.23% click-through rate (CTR) while “Come live with us!” may only yield a 2.64% CTR.

  • In celebration of Big Buzz’s 15th birthday, CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips shares the top 15 biggest lessons she has learned in business over the years.

  • What is brand inconsistency costing your organization? If it’s totally inconsistent, about 23% of annual revenues. That’s a hefty fee. How does that cost break down?

  • All marketing efforts must bring an organization closer to its goal, and few initiatives do so more efficiently than content marketing. One of the many advantages of content marketing is its versatility in supporting senior care organizations to exceed revenue goals by bolstering marketing efforts across the board in one fell swoop.

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