by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


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Not every client that walks into the door of your agency will be a perfect fit. On a few occasions, however, the agency needs to terminate the relationship early because of miscommunication or misunderstanding of roles.

It would be far easier to spot these problems before they become an issue and avoid getting into the business relationship to begin with. Spotting the red flags can help a business understand whether a potential client is worth the time and effort.

Here, 10 professionals from Forbes Agency Council share some of the red flags they’ve noticed that clearly indicate whether a client is a good fit for their company or not.

1. Misalignment Of Core Values
While passion and partnership are cornerstones to successful relationships, and while logistical factors like staffing & budget play a role, we find the truest indicators of client fit lay in the alignment of core values. When a client shares the same enthusiasm for transparent comms, risk-taking, and appreciation for the impact we can have together, those are the most fruitful relationships. – Brad Zeifman, SHADOW

2. Different Worldviews
You need to see the world through a similar lens. If your key assumptions about the way the world works, the way buyers buy, the way growth is established, are inconsistent, you will spend most of your time fighting uphill to create alignment. And, while you don’t need to be best friends with your clients, you need to have similar ideals. For me, for example, authenticity is critical. – Kim Kapustka, 280blue Inc.

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by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



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