Dental Premarketing: Finding Success for a New Practice

The marketing strategy for any successful new business should begin well before the doors open, and a dental practice is no different. It may go without saying, but don’t expect positive results from announcing yourself to the world on opening day and expecting excited new patients to flood in. It’s crucial to hit the ground running with the momentum you have accumulated prior to your grand opening.

It’s important to develop a web presence, since it’s the only presence you can have before the doors have opened. Construct a website that looks professional and functions well, especially on mobile devices. Consumers increasingly use mobile devices to conduct online searches, and without a mobile-friendly site, search engines are less likely to feature your practice in top search results. Even if your site does show up, consumers likely won’t move forward with a practice whose website appears shoddy and dysfunctional. Make sure you build your website with an online scheduling system, which will be helpful both before and after launch. As mentioned above, hitting the ground running is crucial, and an online booking system can help you do just that by filling appointments ahead of time. To help fill appointments before the doors open, consider offering discounts or incentives to patients who pre-book.

Next, construct social media pages to gain visibility and drive traffic your website. Focus your social media efforts around your ideal patient persona by setting up pages on platforms they’re more likely to use. If you’re looking to attract retirees, don’t rush to make a Snapchat page. Instead, focus on Facebook. Create promotional content that speaks to their wants, worries, fears and obstacles, framing your practice as the one that truly understands their needs. Then run that content as a targeted ad campaign. Facebook makes it very easy and straightforward to target your desired target audience.

Don’t forget to plan for opening day! A ribbon cutting ceremony can be fun way to announce your presence and help ingratiate your office into the local community. Who doesn’t like a party? Find your local chamber of commerce and talk to them about how to plan and what to expect. You can even use it as an opportunity to schedule new patients or hand out discounts and offers for future visits.

Following these tips will help position your new practice for success. Stay tuned to our blog for more industry insights.

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