How Big Buzz® Helped a Multimillion-Dollar Healthcare Association Vastly Increase Marketing Department Productivity, Utilization and Results in 65 Days

About MGMA

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is the premier association for professionals who lead medical practice. Since 1926, through data, people, insights, and advocacy, MGMA empowers medical group practices to innovate and create meaningful change in healthcare. With a membership of more than 45,000 medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders, MGMA represents more than 12,500 organizations of all sizes, types, structures and specialties that deliver almost half of the healthcare in the United States.

The Big Buzz Proven Process


Big Buzz’s gathered quantitative and voice-of-the customer data on what marketing tactics were most consumed and acted upon and researched existing data including analytics and past marketing studies. Additionally, the agency worked with the organization and conducted a full review of the existing marketing tactical plan, to include more than 700 tactics


From that data, Big Buzz created a messaging strategy to articulate MGMA membership positioning and differentiators, a strategic marketing plan to include the finite set of tactics on which to focus to meet the enterprise-wide revenue goal and a data reporting strategy detailing available data and missing mission-critical data – all in a 65-day period. After that period, Big Buzz worked with the organization to develop the data reporting strategy solution to help optimize ongoing marketing efforts, a content marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, a campaign strategy to increase sales and a systems and processes strategy to further increase team productivity and utilization.

Create, Implement and Optimize

In order to align all members of the marketing team with executive expectations and marketing department best practices, three members of the Big Buzz team trained and coached the MGMA marketing team to become proficient in four business models: the OGSM model, the project management model, the marketing strategy model, the marketing messaging model.

The Results

The VP of Industry Insights and CEO noted that a core team of 5 marketers is now able to produce higher quality work than the original team of 14 marketers, and that the marketing department is now able to accurately report data tracking to fiscal goals.

“The MGMA marketing department is more efficient and effective and more adept at producing the right work thanks to the consultation that Wendy and her team at Big Buzz offered. We are grateful for the change they brought to our organization and for Wendy’s direct communication style. In 65 days, we achieved our goal: to lay the foundation for the MGMA marketing team to be a world-class, strategically thinking group.”

– Halee Fischer-Wright, CEO, MGMA

Increase marketing productivity and utilization.

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