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We are unlike any other marketing agency in that we deliver solid branding and marketing strategies to market faster without compromising integrity.

Seventeen years ago, I began working at a big marketing agency and eventually landed large accounts like Microsoft and Wells Fargo. I learned to build these Fortune 500 companies’ brands and marketing strategies, and as it turns out, that work is not rocket science. I distilled those strategies down to their essential parts in order to deliver to the healthcare industry more targeted, streamlined approaches to branding and marketing.

For the last twelve years, that’s exactly what my team and I have been doing in the healthcare industry, serving clients across the nation in bioscience, specialty clinics and senior living.

We are unlike any other marketing agency in that we deliver solid branding and marketing strategies to market faster without compromising integrity.

Our agility is unprecedented. Beyond strategy, we deliver 50 different marketing tactics from website development to direct mail and mobile app development, and many more. We evolve our clients’ marketing programs as their businesses or enterprises grow and evolve. We monitor and report to our clients their results via custom-built web-accessible dashboards updated in real time 24/7. And, perhaps most importantly, we build lasting working relationships with the people we serve.

From the start, it was my vision to attract the right talent to Big Buzz and be good as gold to them so they, in turn, would be good as gold to our clients and we would all thrive. Today, that vision is a reality. Our team wakes up wanting to come to work, has over the years developed 120 standard operating procedures that keep the work ticking and humming with great speed, ease and accuracy, and serves our clients in a way that keeps them coming back year after year for the white-glove treatment and reliable results.

What does this look like when you become a client?

By the time our phone rings, the person on the other end feels “burned” or “burned out” by marketing. You might be fed up with your internal marketing department’s performance. Perhaps you have tried cobbling together many marketing solutions over the years and seen little return on investment. Or it could be that you are worn out from all of the effort put into marketing compared to results to show for it.

When you become a client, we start with a clean canvas. We get into the trenches with you and your team to quantify measurable and realistic goals. We explore what you are doing now across the four overarching areas of marketing: brand/awareness, traditional, online and internal.  In many cases, we survey your patients or clients, asking targeted questions to uncover how they think and speak of your organization as well as questions to reveal what media they use and don’t use to “shop” for a service or product like yours. In our back pocket we have far more strategies to use as necessary: competitor research, secret shopping, demographic reporting, etc. In short, we back the marketing with research before spending a dime on deployment. This sets everyone up for long-term marketing success and higher returns on marketing investments.

That process, the discovery phase if you will, takes mere weeks, not months like with other marketing agencies. After all, we stand for agility. Speed to market is paramount in claiming competitive edge.

Straightaway, we deploy your new or evolved marketing plan that is the outcome of that discovery phase. We narrow the possibilities from those 50 different marketing tactics to the finite and precise ones that will both quickly and sustainably hit those measurable and realistic goals – your true north metrics.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our performance as your marketing arm, we let you out of the contract, pure and simple.

You have my word. It works.

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, CEO

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, CEO

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