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Welcome to Big Buzz.

You have made a concerted investment with us for a specific outcome. You might be fed up with your internal marketing department’s performance and ready to see a shift in morale and results. Perhaps your organization has tried cobbling together many marketing solutions over the years and seen a plateau in return on investment. Or it could be that you are worn out from all of the effort put into marketing compared to positive outcomes.

It is my vision to help people create marketing, careers and lives they never dreamed possible.


How does Big Buzz make that a reality?

For leaders at the heart of healthcare, Big Buzz combines strategy and consultation to drive focused marketing efforts that overcome any obstacle. For the last thirteen years my team and I have been working one-on-one across the nation with executives in medical technology, specialty clinics and senior living – all to vastly improve marketing inputs (by the people) and outcomes (for the people and the organization).

We understand that it starts with people. We work with CEOs, COOs, CMOs, Vice Presidents of Marketing and other executives to get down to what really matters in marketing. From that point of clarity, we help focus the internal marketing team on the objectives and measures that add up to ROI. Beyond that, our marketing team acts as an extension of the internal team where needed to ensure all projects get to market with high impact and solid results.


Our ability to focus marketing efforts is unprecedented.

We evolve our clients’ marketing programs as their organizations grow and evolve. We monitor and report results via custom-built, web-accessible dashboards updated in real time 24/7.

Most importantly, we build lasting working relationships with the people we serve.

The Big Buzz team wakes up wanting to come to work, has over 120 standard operating procedures that keep the work moving with great accuracy, and serves our clients in a way that keeps them coming back year after year for white-glove treatment and reliable results.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our performance as your marketing arm, we let you out of the contract, simple as that.

You have my word. It works.

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, CEO

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, CEO

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