Since 2007, Big Buzz has led clients through the various stages of this strategic marketing process to exponentially increase productivity and improve results.

Many organizations fail to connect various marketing tactics to the most meaningful aspects of any promotional effort:

  • A singular, clear and measurable goal upon which all stakeholders agree
  • Key objectives that, when achieved, reach the goal
  • Only the right strategic initiatives to funnel up to the objectives
  • No extraneous strategies
  • Attainable measures for each of those strategies.

“I am so appreciative that my organization contracted with Big Buzz. The processes have allowed us to minimize overtime.”

– Kristen De Lay, Digital Experience Manager, MGMA

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Strategy Session

In this initial session, we will:

– Identify and discuss friction and roadblocks afflicting current marketing strategies.

– Establish clear goals and true north metrics.

– Collaborate in a joint brainstorm to identify the most important strategies that may help your organization achieve those goals and move more quickly and easily to market.

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