The Importance of Reviews in the Digital Age

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the world is more connected, and consumers have a louder voice than ever before. This is largely positive for businesses and consumers alike. According to Think with Google, most reviews are 4-5 stars and written with the intent of altruism rather than revenge. They also note how even bad reviews provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with customers and potentially foster goodwill for their brand. Reviews can be especially valuable for dental practices because of both the high cost and high personal stakes for prospective patients.

Below we’ll explore some important things to know about online reviews.

Where people look for reviews.

This may not come as a shock, but Facebook is a huge resource for business reviews. With 2.27 billion monthly active users as of September 2018, the site has an absolutely massive audience, creating a big opportunity to get eyes on reviews of your practice. Yelp is another well-known review site that may sometimes get overlooked by those in industries outside of food service. ZocDoc is a popular site for connecting patients with medical professionals covered by their insurance. They also allow patients to leave reviews, so it’s a great place to generate positive visibility for your practice. Healthgrades is another patient/doctor pairing site that offers reviews. Angie’s List is a prominent resource for reviews, and while it’s not specific to the medical field it’s a trusted source for many consumers.

How to ask for reviews for your practice.

It may seem self-explanatory, but the best way to approach getting reviews is simply to ask. Otherwise, patients have no way of knowing you seek them. What’s more, even if the patients themselves use reviews while researching products and services, it may not register to them how important reviews can be to the success of a business. DentistryIQ recommends asking while the patient is still in the office, and their positive experience is fresh on their mind. Once their procedure is finished and they’ve gone home, they may not give much thought to dentistry until the next time they need it. Try and avoid asking every single patient to leave a review every visit, but rather consider the patients with whom you or your front office staff share the best rapport. Not only will they be easier to ask, but there’s a greater likelihood they’ll have something positive to say. DentistryIQ also advises providing WiFi, or even tablets, to remove obstacles and make it as easy as possible for patients to leave a glowing review while they’re still thinking about their great experience at your practice.

Keep these strategies in mind and you’re sure to be generating good reviews in no time! Stay tuned to our blog for more industry tips and insights.