by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


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“They want to see our communities but never have any intention of putting their loved ones here even after using all of our resources and time.”

Sound familiar?

This was a verbatim quote taken from data Big Buzz recently gathered from 191 marketing executives in senior living and care, and it aptly describes the issue faced by most. The full study revealed six untapped opportunities to motivate older adults to leave home in favor of a senior living community, and in this article we detail the No. 1 most missed opportunity.

Economic trends indicate now is the time to proactively improve on content marketing efforts to attract warm leads who are intentional about moving, rather than investing organizational budget in large marketing and sales teams working hundreds of colder leads who may never move.

Our study showed that 95% of senior living marketers and executives believe that content marketing is an integral part of their organization’s overall marketing approach. More than half of respondents said they invest 25% to 49% of their overall marketing budget in content marketing, and another 24% indicated that they invest more than half of the budget.

That’s a whole lot of content for older adults and their families. And it’s working.

Well over half of respondents said they get up to 25% of sales-qualified leads from content marketing. How can this percentage be increased?

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by Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



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