A Steady Stream of Move-In-Ready Leads for Teams Serving the Senior Living Industry

Make the most of the creative minds in the room and tap into a powerful source for achieving maximum results.

There is a natural waxing and waning of energy on any marketing team. Tasked with hundreds of weekly to-dos, in-house marketing departments often spiral downward into mundane tactical work day after day. As talented as they may be, when people are spread thin and uninspired, they can’t make time to think strategically, build stronger marketing models or connect late-stage goals with today’s actions – all mission-critical components of measurable marketing success.

High-impact marketing starts with the people. When we make the most of the creative minds in the room, we tap into a powerful source for achieving maximum results and returns.

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips taking notes at Big Buzz Inc.
This is what a Team Alignment meeting looks like at Big Buzz Inc.

Strategic Planning Model

  • Focus or refocus executives and marketing department team members on the organization’s vision and highest-level financial goal, or Big Important Goal (BIG). This may include the development or refinement of a vision statement and highest-level financial goal as needed.
  • Agree on key objectives, which articulate how the people will develop and how the organization must change to achieve the vision and BIG, by acknowledging the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s achievements.
  • Map strategies to each objective to focus the collective marketing team (in-house marketing department with Team Big Buzz) on the right day-to-day activities that move the meter.
  • Document short-term measures and long-term goals to be achieved.
  • Clearly articulate the vision, BIG, objectives, strategies, measures and goals in a one-page strategic planning model, and use it as a guide for weekly standing meetings to focus and execute marketing success.
Big Buzz Inc. - Marketing Planning Team Meeting

Executive and Marketing Team Training

Ideal for aligning existing internal marketing teams and inspiring them to build bigger, better systems and structures for future growth. Delivered at your office.

Discover or strengthen one or more of these critical areas of marketing mastery:

  • Elevate strategic thinking to improve employee job satisfaction and marketing outcomes.
  • Strengthen the project management function on the team for higher output at lower resource levels.
  • Bolster marketing standard operating procedures to ensure this unit of the organization is fully self-sufficient under all circumstances.
  • Improve marketing reporting functions to more accurately measure and validate marketing success at the executive level, throughout the marketing team and across the enterprise.
  • Resolve a custom issue faced by your unique marketing department.

“We love working with Big Buzz. They did a fantastic marketing audit for us and we have engaged them for some other projects after since we were so impressed with their work. I highly recommend Big Buzz. They are super responsive, have great communication and their team members are so smart it was almost overwhelming!”


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