Leverage These Two Google Tools for More Powerful Marketing

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We recently wrote about the value of creating an omnichannel experience for potential patients, and we’d like to continue the theme of synergistic and symbiotic marketing channels by discussing the incredibly powerful combination of Google Ads and Google My Business listings. Herein we will explain how to accomplish so much more by using the two in confluence than simply pursuing one.

As an agency, we often recommend that clients use certain marketing tactics in tandem, even those skeptical that one part or the other was not necessary, and those who follow this guidance always see better results. It’s important to remember that the roadmap of marketing rarely uses single, linear routes – a misconception that creates complications for those who simply bought a few ads and waited for new patients to walk through the door.

Before we delve into the symbiosis of Google Ads and Google My Business, a quick primer on both:

  • You have likely seen Google Ads while conducting your own Google searches. They appear as the top results and are accordingly labeled “Ad” next to the URL.
  • Google My Business listings are similarly common. These are the Google results pages that feature the location, hours, contact information, website and other various attributes of a business.

Both are invaluable to a business that wishes to be visible on Google, but neither will meet their full potential without the help of the other.

Recent studies have suggested that people have significant trust issues when it comes to advertisements, possibly as many as 96%. Why, then, are Google Ads part of the puzzle? First, they can still help a practice bolster page visits even if they are not organically ranking on the first page. Next, consumer mistrust can be combatted with quality ads that provide value. Finally, they are the best awareness tools available for practices with organic listings.

The key is to increase contact points with a potential patient. One of the best parts about paid ads like Google Ads is that potential patients will absolutely see them, although many will likely conduct additional research instead of clicking. But when they scroll down to your Google My Business listing or organic listing, they are much more likely to select your practice based on the “primer coat” that was applied with the Google Ad.

Your Google My Business listing can be strengthened further still through an abundance of good reviews, so always remember to encourage patients to leave them – especially those you know had a positive experience with your practice. Also, your organic listing can be improved by optimizing your web copy for search engine rankings, creating an effective 1-2 punch between your Google Ad and your naturally occurring search engine results page (SERP) listing.

If you’d like to learn more or get a free, no-obligation assessment of your current website and how to optimize it to drive new patient traffic and current patient engagement, email our CEO now at wendy@bigbuzzinc.com to get scheduled.


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