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Blakelee Mills
Golden Software

“Big Buzz has helped us put data behind our decisions. We’ve appreciated their insight and expertise around conducting surveys, analyzing customer data, and providing insight on our website and marketing endeavors. This has allowed us to be confident in the decisions we’ve made. The biggest impact was the confidence to change our prices. Through a series of surveys, we identified how current and potential customers valued our software offerings and raised prices accordingly.”

Olver Frum
PreXion Inc.
Territory Sales Manager/Marketing Manager

“Big Buzz has helped our business build a total marketing presence. Website, social media, online marketing and SEO, brochures, videos, surveys, trade shows displays, etc. Big Buzz has delivered effective and measurable results across each of their efforts.”

Halee Fischer-Wright

“The MGMA marketing department is more efficient and effective and more adept at producing the right work thanks to the consultation that Wendy and her team at Big Buzz offered. We are grateful for the change they brought to our organization and for Wendy’s direct communication style. In 65 days, we achieved our goal: to lay the foundation for the MGMA marketing team to be a world-class, strategically thinking group.”

Kim McCleskey
Avitus Dental

“The feedback I received from my team on the referral training conducted by Big Buzz was amazing – our team loved it! I overheard them talking about it recently and they were jazzed, encouraging each other with what they had learned.”

Dan Storey

“The brand development process helped team Big Buzz understand our very complex offering and has helped our team to focus our business plan and message to market.”

Missy Day
Sinceri Senior Living

It was a privilege to participate and to work with Big Buzz through our rebranding process.

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