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Our Ideal Client

They know and deeply understand, the importance of marketing.

Deploying an effective marketing strategy will allow them more time to practice dentistry and to have a personal life. They are willing to spend a dollar to make two. Our clients understand the importance of investing in marketing. They understand that marketing is evolutionary and that it is the oxygen to their practice. They will never stop deploying a marketing strategy and will work with us to successfully and effectively evolve the strategy.

They are overwhelmed, in transition, or their new patient numbers have plateaued.

Our clients tend to come to us when they are overwhelmed, in transition, or practice numbers have plateaued and a boost or refresh is needed. They need something to change or loosen up so that they can spend more time doing what they love to do, and less time worrying or stressing.

They trust us to be the marketing expert on all fronts.

Our clients respect the value of our relationship and are comfortable with our fee structure and are confident in our strategy. They allow us to be in the driver’s seat in
regards to their marketing.

They are responsive and communicative when necessary.

Our clients know that a successful business partnership requires communication on both sides. They communicate as necessary to allow us to constantly propel the practice marketing strategy forward.

They value communication, excellent customer service, and transparency.

Our clients know that we put all our cards on the table, are constantly striving to deliver on said plan, work to achieve goals, and align expectations. The customer service and support that they receive is incomparable to any other agency, and it allows us to be lifelong business partners.

They have a clear vision and goal for their practice.

Our clients are driven, somewhat business savvy, and have clear visions and goals for their practice. They understand what it takes to create a successful business, and partners with experts to help them thrive.