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Big Buzz CEO Featured in McKnights Senior Living

Across the ages, stories have been passed down to build culture, entertain, educate and inspire. Storytelling started as an oral tradition, evolved to pictures then to writing. A memorable story discloses previously unknown information, offers a new perspective on known information or reveals an unforeseen twist or development. Today, many of our stories live online. How can you apply storytelling to enrich your community, the lives of those you serve and your approach to business?

By |September 12th, 2022|Explore Our Press Mentions|

Boost Occupancy Rates with an Improved Referral Strategy

At Big Buzz, we are strong proponents of having a sound referral strategy and always recommend it to our clients. Year after year we see it pay off with higher move-in numbers and minimal spend compared to other marketing efforts. It is also easier than many might think, even for those who may initially feel reluctant to ask residents and families. Big Buzz has trained countless senior living organizations on how to develop a referral strategy that quickly became second nature to their entire team and kept numbers humming in a way that felt both simple and natural. Read on to learn more about how to implement or improve your own referral strategy and grow your occupancy numbers.

By |August 2nd, 2022|Marketing Articles|

3 Ways to Convert Leads into Tours

You have a database full of prospects, some of which you and your team have been nurturing for months or even years. You are having all the right conversations and doing all the right things you have done before to fill occupancy. Still, tours are down, move-ins are dwindling and census is low.

By |July 5th, 2022|Marketing Articles, Senior Living|


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