• What you want is to align with the right partners who will elevate your marketing far beyond your competition’s efforts – who will showcase your organization’s best for the people who need you most to find you now.

  • It is crucial to determine which tasks you can wait on, and which must be completed right away. This can be accomplished by creating a two-columned list of “Must-Dos” and “General To-Dos.” The “Must-Do” column should contain one to three of the day’s most urgent items. Separating these tasks will give you a realistic view of where to direct your main focus throughout the day.

  • Focus can be hard to find when operating a healthcare organization. Between managing investor expectations, implementing your sales and marketing plans, responding to the “Great Resignation” and more, your focus is being pulled in ten different directions on a daily basis. How do you continue to focus on the people and be a great leader amidst the chaos?

  • Last November, Big Buzz CEO Wendy O'Donovan Phillips sat down for an inspiring interview with Steve Moran, founder of Big Buzz partner Senior Living Foresight. The two discussed building marketing relationships with senior living organizations, getting to the heart of what makes their communities shine and Wendy's big ideas on empowering women and minorities in senior living marketing.

  • Too often, we fall prey to over-reporting marketing metrics and under-reporting marketing success. While the marketing team is privy to deep analytics, investors, owners and executives typically only need to know 5 metrics.

  • An increasing number of professionals are opting to avoid events and conferences in the new year. As the nation stares down a potential reprise of last year's isolation, we wanted to remind our readers that it’s more important than ever to connect with others in meaningful ways.

  • When it comes to marketing success, few things are as fundamentally significant as a well-aligned marketing team. This alignment begins at the top; an organization’s leadership team must elucidate its goals in clear terms and design an achievable and measurable path to their achievement.

  • On paper, the recipe for keeping your communities alive and thriving is deceptively simple: attract new residents. However, this objective can be quite elusive, and it’s disheartening when you feel as though you have exhausted every avenue. It’s become clear that marketing is essential for the success of a modern senior living organization, so why isn’t it working for yours? 

  • The term “virtual reality” might conjure mental imagery of careening through the cosmos in a spaceship or running from zombies in a futuristic video game, but senior living marketers are finding the emergent technology has applications far more practical. VR is already making waves in the senior living space, with companies like Viarama helping seniors on end-of-life care travel virtually to locales with great sentimental significance like their childhood home or the place where they met their spouse.

  • In the new marketing landscape sculpted by the events of 2020, senior living operators must decide which set of mice they’d like to be. It can be tempting to maintain the same methods of sales and marketing that previously yielded success in the hopes that everything will return to normal, and the proverbial cheese returns in the form of high occupancy rates and revenue numbers.

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