• People defined storytelling primarily as a means to evoke feeling or elicit an emotional response. The feeling may be one of pleasure, a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty or confirmation of previous experiences, thoughts or feelings.

  • By lightening the load of your sales and marketing teams, your organization will have more bandwidth to build sales relationships and the tools it needs to make them more fruitful. So, how should your organization go about finding the CRM that will best help your team, and thus your prospects, thrive?

  • In today’s marketing landscape, social media marketing is all but a necessity. The ethics and societal impact of these tech giants have become quite controversial. However, their increasingly vital role in marketing success is undeniable.

  • Defining your audience is an important step in guiding your overall marketing strategy. If your efforts are designed broadly, they will not likely resonate with anybody in a meaningful way, and most importantly not with the subset of people that are most suited to purchase your offering.

  • Indeed, SEO is an involved and nuanced process. As marketers, we love its intricate nature, illuminating data and evolving systems. However, we understand that it might not hold the same charm to someone helping to manage one or more communities during a health crisis.

  • When a person realizes their aging parent or loved one can no longer live on their own, they embark on a journey wrought with stress, guilt and difficult decisions. Fortunately, as a senior living operator, you have the power to help them even before they make the move to your wonderful community, in part through creating useful, accessible blog posts.

  • If your practice intends to employ or improve a social media marketing strategy (which we strongly urge that you do), take a moment to reflect upon this quote. It’s impressive how Martin has so succinctly articulated a powerful point that many tend to overlook. While social media advertising is quite a valuable weapon in your marketing arsenal, channels like Facebook and Instagram offer so much more potential than simply serving as a digital billboard for your practice.

  • As the pandemic continues to grip the nation and dominate headlines, many aspects have become ingrained in our daily routines and feel commonplace. Many are beginning to feel exhausted by it all, and it is important that this shift is reflected in marketing efforts, language and materials. It is certainly important not to ignore the problem, but at the same time, people have become burnt out by the constant barrage of COVID. This is evidenced by the fact that messages containing COVID-related headlines have begun being flagged as spam.

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