• Google’s recent announcement to stop using third-party cookies will impact the marketing landscape significantly, as the tech giant was responsible for over 50% of global digital ad spend in 2020. But what exactly does this mean for your organization?

  • So far, 2021 has been rife with changes in Big Tech that are making marketers reassess or retool their current advertising strategies. While these changes can be easily overcome with a fresh perspective, review website and mobile app Yelp has bucked the trend by introducing new features allowing business owners to advertise more effectively and take more control of their online reputations.

  • One of the most important things Big Buzz can do as an agency is to act as a thought leader within the marketing industry. Not only does this credibility help us earn the valuable trust of our clients, but it also helps elevate our industry as a whole.

  • So far, 2021 has already seen its fair share of news on Big Tech, from that about tracked ads to the validity of the information shared online. Another significant development is Facebook’s announcement that it will be retiring its Facebook Analytics tool. This tool helped to illuminate the customer journey online through multiple devices and channels.

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  • On paper, the recipe for keeping your communities alive and thriving is deceptively simple: attract new residents. However, this objective can be quite elusive, and it’s disheartening when you feel as though you have exhausted every avenue. It’s become clear that marketing is essential for the success of a modern senior living organization, so why isn’t it working for yours? 

  • Nextdoor continues to rise in popularity, especially now in an era where digital connections are replacing many of the face-to-face interactions that the Christinas of the world experience in daily life. It’s also becoming a trustworthy resource for business recommendations including dentistry.

  • Indeed, SEO is an involved and nuanced process. As marketers, we love its intricate nature, illuminating data and evolving systems. However, we understand that it might not hold the same charm to someone helping to manage one or more communities during a health crisis.

  • Your practice gives exceptional treatment and builds lasting relationships with patients and their families. Current patients rave that they’re so glad they found you and wouldn’t go anywhere else. As a dental practice, you walk the walk and deliver the kind of experience that countless potential patients in your area are seeking. Why, then, are the countless people in search of a new dental home scrolling right past your social posts or bouncing immediately from your website without reading or clicking?

  • Whether your communities handle digital marketing internally or you are working with an agency, it’s important to consistently gauge the performance and success of your efforts by monitoring the metrics. Doing so will enable you to see a more complete picture of your marketing presence, allowing you to reallocate spend into the areas that are successful and improve or eliminate those that aren’t working.

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